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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Britax Baby Carrier {Review}

I am a baby-wearer. Not quite as much as Stephanie, but I definitely have had my own adventures.

I have a Baby Bjorn, three ring slings, a borrowed Ergo (thanks, Jody, I love it), and a few assorted pouch slings.

I regularly wear my baby, and I've worn all of them - often at work, and often to lead services for Sunday School or at camp (see this post for me at camp, wearing Solly in my sling).

I started out with the Baby Bjorn, because that seemed the simplest. It had latches and things. I loved carrying my first-born around in it, and my second as well. For my third, I started to branch out and that's when I found the ring slings, which I really love. I find them to be comfortable, simple to use, and really all-purpose.

When I was offered a chance to review the new Britax carrier, I was really excited. Read the specs here:

Solly and I liked this carrier. I thought it was comfortable for me to wear, and he seemed pretty happy in it too (sorry, the pictures just didn't come out for some reason). As much as I like the Ergo, this one was much easier to put on, the straps and hooks were really simple to maneuver. (Funniest thing - there are directions for putting it on but they're printed inside. Once you do the first step, you can no longer read them! Luckily, there's a manual and once you've done it once, you can easily figure it out. It did cause me a bunch of giggles, though.) It's a very comfy carrier, and I think it is perfect for first-time baby wearers, because it feels very secure and safe.

All that said, I am going to stick with my ring sling and send this beautiful carrier off to a friend who is expecting her first baby very soon. I think she will really appreciate it, and I know that it will be going to a good home. You will appreciate this carrier, too, and just so you know, Amazon is running a sale where you get a discount plus a free bib set. If you sign up for the Amazon Mom account, then shipping is free too! (I'm a sucker for free shipping.)

Full disclaimer: I got a free Britax carrier. I didn't get paid or anything else. They were really nice and sent it to me and didn't tell me what to say or anything.

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